Corolla Program

When the English settlers landed at Jamestown in 1607, they were not the only descendants of Europeans in the New World. Spanish explorers had been in the Gulf Coast and Florida for nearly 100 years. A generation before the landing at Jamestown, Spanish explorers established an outpost on the York River in eastern Virginia. The Spanish were not pedestrians. Many came mounted on the best horses of Europe.

Newborn Corolla Horse x Shackleford Banks, born at offsite breeding program at Mill Swamp Indian Horses
Matchcoor. First foal of 2017 season at the offsite breed program, Mill Swamp Indian Horses at Gwaltney Frontier Farm.

Since that time, the descendants of these beautiful horses have roamed wild on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the 1920s, as many as 6,000 Spanish mustangs covered the beaches and dunes of the sparsely inhabited region.

Today, fewer than 125 roam free near Corolla-with another band roaming free at Shackleford Banks, over 150 miles to the south. The wild horses of Corolla are protected by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

At Mill Swamp Indian Horses, we are spearheading an effort to keep America’s oldest distinct breed of horses from going extinct.

We are actively encouraging the adoption of these docile, highly-trainable horses, and are further seeking out breeders who would be willing to participate in a breeding program to save these horses. For further information please e-mail Steve Edwards

Look for upcoming training clinics to be posted on our Event page.