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Baton Rouge: Corolla Mare

Baton Rouge was the second Corolla to join the Mill Swamp herd. She came to us as a completely untrained three year old and was calmly carrying riders on trail rides within 3 weeks of her arrival. She is the mother of the first foal born in our Corolla Offsite Breeding Program. She has been one of our most reliable mounts over the years and is the mother to several spectacular horses. She is bred to our stallion Tradewind and due to have a little one in Summer 2017.


Mozelle: Choctaw Mare

Mozelle is a tall and long and built for endurance. She joined our herd in 2015 with 2 other Choctaw mares bringing fresh bloodlines to our breeding program. She is proving to be steady and light on her feet on trail rides and we are looking forward to covering plenty of miles with her next year. She is bred to our Corolla stallion Manteo with her first little one for the offsite breeding program due Summer 2017.

Scoundrel Days: Grand Canyon Stallion

Scoundrel Days, son of Rowdy Yates at Mill Swamp Indian Horses

Scoundrel Days, son of Rowdy Yates, perhaps the most famous Colonial Spanish horse of his day, is one of the very few remaining stallions to also descend from the Grand Canyon horses. They were among the smallest of all the Colonial Spanish strains and were known for their tremendous endurance. Born and raised at Karma Farms in Marshall, Texas, he is perhaps the most elegant horse in our program.

La Primera: Colonial Spanish Mare

La Primera Colonial Spanish Mustang

La Primera is sponsored for a full year by The Cunniff Family. Thank you to Ann Marie, Tamsyn, Ming, and Ruth!

La Primera is a young mare we got from Texas. She is of mixed bloodlines, but all of them pure Spanish strains. She has some very distinct gaits and is proving remarkably comfortable to ride. Her pleasant and curious attitude as well as her lovely grulla coloring has given her many fans among both our young and adult riders. We are looking forward to covering a lot of ground with her this year.

Cornstalk: Corolla Stallion

Corn Stalk is a gentle, sweet natured Corolla stallion who had to be removed from the wild because of his propensity to get himself near potentially dangerous automobile traffic. His heavy bone and powerful frame will make him a major component of our efforts to prevent the extinction of the Corollas for years to come. His bay coloring is typical of many of the few remaining Corollas.

Manteo: Corolla Stallion

Manteo was captured from the wild herd of Corolla horses in the Outer Banks of NC in 2005. He was the first Corolla to join the Mill Swamp mustang herd. Right from the beginning, his gentle and willing attitude made him a favorite with everyone. He calmly carries riders, young and old, with steady power and grace. He is now a mature stallion and the father of several foals but he is still sweet and reliable to handle and ride.


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