Preservation of Colonial Spanish Horses and Heritage Livestock

Our primary purpose is to work to prevent the extinction of several strains of nearly extinct Colonial Spanish Horses such as the Corollas, Shacklefords, Choctaws, Marsh Tackys, Grand Canyon influenced horses and Brislawn strain horses. These were among the original horses brought to America in the 1500's, some arriving nearly 100 years before the settlement of Jamestown. As the southern colonies developed, up until around 1700 these horses were the only horses found in the southeast and then on across the Mississippi. We seek to expose these horses to as many people as possible in order both to educate and to assist others who might want to own and become breeders of these horses.  This spring and summer we will have several foals born. Program participants will learn how to, and actually have hands on opportunities to humanely tame and gentle horses. 

Our program is unique.  We will often have visitors come to learn how we do things in order to develop a program like ours.

In order to place the horses in their proper historical context--to put a picture frame around them--we built a replicated 1650's era farm sight which is also stocked with historically appropriate goats, super rare Ossabaw colonial hogs, and colonial chickens. We are constantly on the look out for additional historically appropriate livestock and hope to add colonial cattle and maybe even sheep in the future. 


Settlers Homestead

A Few of Our Horses and Livestock

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* Mill Swamp Indian Horses is a program of Gwaltney Frontier Farm, Incorporated, a 501 (c) 5 non profit breed conservation program. Under the 501 (c) 5 designation - Donations are not tax-deductible. We have no paid staff. Our program is run by volunteers.