Safety Rules

Safety Rules

1. No bare feet or sandals in pastures or around horses.

2. Everyone must wear a helmet when riding and when working an untrained horse in the round pen.

3. Safety vest (rib protectors) are to be used at the direction of the designated ride leader.

4. Do not bring dogs into the horse pasture or around riders.

5. Other than checking stirrup length, do not mount up until ride leader gives the command to do so.

6. Do not canter a horse toward the tack shed.

7. Do not turn your horse loose at the tack shed.

8. While on trail rides, horse and rider are not to pass the horse and riders in front of them, except at the direction of the ride leader.

9. Mill Swamp Indian Horses Program participants shall not ride outside of the property boundaries set by the Executive Director.

10. No violence of any kind toward persons or animals.

11. No possession of firearms or dangerous weapons on MSIH property or during activities without the express permission of the Executive Director.

12. No possession of tobacco products, alcohol or illegal drugs on MSIH property or during activities.

13. No theft of MSIH property or the property of boarders, trail riders, or program participants.