What People Are Saying

"I have met many people during the course of my career. I have never met anyone like Steve Edwards. He has an uncanny ability to look into the soul of a horse as well as the soul of a person. He translates what he sees into a language that transcends traditional communication, teaching and training. Mill Swamp Indian Horses transforms children and adults into leaders and teachers as well as horses into athletes and trusted companions. Humans and horses who participate are changed for the better through the principles of hard work, the facilitation of trust, the acquisition of a variety of skills, and deep respect for one another."

Karen McCalpin

Executive Director, The Stoneybrook Foundation

(Ret.) Director, Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Gwaltney Frontier Farm changes lives. I will never forget riding Manteo, a black Corolla stallion, though an inkly black moonless forest, an exercise that expanded my capacity to trust. Only at Gwaltney can children and adults help to save a rare breed of formerly wild horses by learning to train them though considerate, humane methods.  But Gwaltney is about much more than training  horses and conserving historic breeds.  A unique variety of programs and activities help children and adults to find and feed their passions. Participants learn new skills, forge lifelong bonds, and develop new interests in such diverse topics such as music, history, or environmental conservation. The result is a new appreciation for all that life can offer.

Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg

Author of
The Wild Horse Dilemma: Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds
The Hoofprints Guides series
Wild Horse Vacations: Your Guide to the Atlantic Wild Horse Trail Volumes 1 and 2

In 2015 I adopted a Corolla mare – Mimosa – from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.  Up to this point, I had only had domesticated horses.  In an effort to understand the breed and working with a wild horse, I did a lot of research to determine the best approach to training Mimosa.  Steve offered a Natural Horse Training class in September 2015. After reading about his connection with the Corolla breeds, reading his book and watching his video, I decided to attend the class.  This class changed my approach to all of my horses.  Mill Swamp Indian Horses and Steve Edwards continue to be a source of learning for me.  Even though I live on the other side of Virginia, I make my way to Smithfield as often as I can to attend the wonderful events, demonstrations and help where I can.  Thanks for changing my life.        

Becki Wells


Every once in a while an opportunity comes around to be part of something genuinely special.  Last year we came across Steve and Mill Swamp.  Being long time horse enthusiasts and outer banks vacationers, we were curious about the program and its impact on the community and more importantly the Corolla Mustangs. 

Our experience was beyond a pleasant surprise. Upon arriving on site, Steve took the time to show us around and visit with us individually. The depth of passion he showed for the horses and his riders was infectious.  So infectious that we wanted to be part of this special group.  With that we acquired Bloody Knife from their breeding program.  This exceptional little Corolla filly is the epitome of her breed, tough and brilliant. More than that, she is perceptive and kind. As an adult living with Autism, my bonds to horses give me stability and peace.  My connection to Bloody Knife was instant and her ability to sooth me in the worst moments is unparalleled.  We are honored to be a part of this program and to have this special girl with us. Our opportunity became life altering. Everyone should have the chance to experience the warmth and acceptance of Steve and everything that has been built at Mill Swamp.  

Lana Anders

Blue Raven Farms

"The contagious passion of Steve Edward's improves the lives of people and horses alike. To him Mill Swamp is not a hobby, it is not a job, it is a fire displayed in a horse. Personally Steve has taught me an important lesson of the value of sweat, dirt, patience, cantering, and properly trimmed hooves. My life will forever be positively influenced by the many fulfilling hours spent with Steve at Mill Swamp Indian Horses."

Ruth Ann, Hampton, VA


"Steve Edwards gave me the courage to do what most everyone else thought could not be done----ride a wild mustang that I trained myself without any experience or lessons at age 58. He said it could be done, and I believed him. He inspires young and old alike – both horse and human. Since I don’t live nearby, I have enrolled in his online class: "The Horse, The Herd, And The Hoof," and I continue to be motivated to do things that I never dreamed I could do."

Vicki, Goochland, VA